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Affordable Manufacturer of Marble & Granite Kitchen Benchtops in Sydney

Red Page Margin If you’ve been looking for the most professional kitchen benchtop manufacturers Sydney to offer then it’s time to give us a call. Our kitchen benchtop stone masons are fully licensed and consistently build kitchen benchtops which exceed our customer’s expectations in both quality & affordability. We construct kitchen benchtops that are a perfect fit which match our valued customers’ needs precisely. Our kitchen benchtops have a myriad of designs to choose from and there’s bound to be one that perfectly suits your needs. We can also custom design a kitchen benchtop for you if the available space on your kitchen is an irregular shape. DD Stone always provides its clients with a stress free and fast in-house build-up process. By utilising our fast kitchen benchtop build process you can cut days of the construction of your kitchen benchtop and be reaping the rewards much sooner.

Licensed Kitchen Benchtop Manufacturers in Sydney

Kitchen Benchtop Designs

Our main goal is to help you realise your needs and to minimise expenses so you can get the most out of your dollar. Unlike other kitchen benchtop manufacturers, we have forged connections with Australian suppliers so that we can buy quality materials at wholesale rates. It’s because we’re able to get all of our materials at highly discounted prices that we can pass on those savings to our kitchen Benchtop clientele. This enables you to save money and gives you access to the most affordable kitchen benchtops packages available in the Sydney area. CALL us for Affordable Kitchen Benchtop Packages!!!
We know that you value practicality and comfort and would like to build a kitchen benchtop that utilises every possible inch of your limited kitchen space. We also understand your need to impose your personal preferences as well. That is why our plans have modern arrangements that can easily be modified to suit your kitchen benchtop design tastes. We also design our plans to be modular so that you can customise your kitchen benchtop design exactly the way you want it.

Fast Kitchen Benchtop Approvals

Before you can start building/renovating your kitchen benchtop, based on the magnitude of your project, you may need to get approval from the relevant council body. Hiring the best kitchen benchtop manufacturers Sydney to offer ensures that you will not experience any headaches. We streamline the processing of manufacturing and ensure that your kitchen benchtop complies with current regulations. Our team is composed of licensed kitchen benchtop stone masons who know what must be done in order for you to achieve a fast hassle free outcome. If required, there are two ways of securing approval: either you lodge a Development Application (DA) with the local council or you apply for a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) via a private certifier. Lodging a CDC application is faster and takes only about 10 days. However, your plan must comply with the SEPP 2009 requirements and this is where DD Stone can help through our network of partners. Our kitchen benchtop partners work hand in hand with certifiers to ensure that your project meets the necessary outline for CDC applications which can be approved in 10 days. We make sure that your kitchen benchtop will meet the necessary requirements:

Great Kitchen Benchtop Good Investment

DD Stone Kitchen Benchtop Payment Options>

Consider kitchen benchtop as an investment. Beautifully built kitchen benchtop does increase the value of the property. Also when the property is on the market for sale, the two most important aspect of potential buyers are kitchen benchtop and bathroom area. Even if the property is not in the market for sale, renovated kitchen benchtop will give you the full satisfaction whenever you are preparing your meals three times a day. By completing the kitchen benchtop in such a short timeframe, you will enjoy the new kitchen benchtop in no time.
We provide the most flexible payment arrangement option, to approved customers, among recognised kitchen Benchtop manufacturers in Sydney:
  • First, make a 10% deposit after signing the contract
  • Second, make a 40% progress payment and, if the approval is required, the professional fees so that we can commence work to process the CDC.
  • Finally, make a final balance payment once the kitchen Benchtop has been completed and upon final inspection/confirmation by you

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