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How to Care for your Granite Stone such as Kitchen Benchtops!!!

Stone care

What are some of the Do’s and Don’ts of stone products?


The Don'ts

  • We do not recommend placing very hot items (such as saucepans and oven pots) directly on any stone based benchtop surface, as this will cause extreme THERMAL SHOCK in the slab due to stone benchtop is heat resistant up to between 150 and 200 temperature, Damage may not be noticed immediately if this is done regularly, however over time hairline cracks may appear reducing the strength of the product.

  • Do not use chemical products for cleaning such as acid like chemicals, Jif on your new benchtop as this can cause a scum build up eventually taking way the high gloss finish that granite & marble achieves.

  • Lighter colored granites will be more prone to staining than darker ones. Wiping spills immediately will help avoid most potential staining. Your benchtop is sealed with water-resistant sealer after installation. We recommend your benchtop could be sealed again after few month later in order to high level of porosity and, the, periodically re-sealing granite according to the sealer’s instruction.

  • Products such as coffee, red wine, cooking oils, butter, lemon juice, tomatoes and anything else acidic should be wiped off the benchtop as soon as possible. Take care to use the proper cleaning agents; those that are ammonia based can etch the granite and dull its polish.

  • Do not use near radiators or naked flames as dangerous gas is formed. Vapours are harmful to your health with prolonged exposure. Keep away from any sources of ignition – Do not smoke. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Avoid breathing vapour or spray mist.

  • While cutting directly on granite surfaces will not affect the large majority of granites, cutting boards are recommended to avoid quickly knives. Repeated use of a knife in the same place on a granite benchtop eventually wears down the polish.

  • Be careful of the weak part of the kitchen benchtops, for example the front & back of sink and cook top parts. Do not press down those parts because they are easy crack or break.

  • Note that door threshold surface is slippery when wet. Care should be taken to promptly remove liquids or foreign materials that might result in safety hazards before permitting pedestrian traffic.

  • Although granite is a solid and strong material it will not expand or contract to any measurable degree and therefore should not be subjected to excessive weight, stress or extreme temperatures. This can cause granite to fracture crack as a workbench!

  • Any damage to the benchtop due to incorrect use or abuse will be excluded from the warranty.


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